The Good Old Days? Women's Daily Lives Historic Sites In The Washington, Dc Area

In books and movies the lifestyles of middle to upper class women from the past are often portrayed in an idealistic, nostalgic manner. In reality, women had far fewer political or social rights than today and lived more physically demanding lives. Seeing the physical spaces used by women in previous centuries shows that the glamour associated with the past was only accurate for the wealthiest individuals and that even well-to-do women had to perform many difficult chores to run their households.

In the Washington D.C. area there are numerous museums and historical homes where visitors can learn about and imagine what life was really like for women in different time periods of American history. Those who visit the following exhibitions and historic sites will leave with a greater appreciation of “women's work,” modern conveniences, and may consider that the past was not as easy for women as movies and books may make it appear.

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