Biography Index

"355" (Colonial Period)
Abbott, Edith (Activists)
Abbott, Grace (Activists)
Abzug, Bella (Activists) (Government Workers & Politicians)
Adams, Abigail (Colonial Period) (First Ladies)
Addams, Jane (Activists)
Albright, Madeleine Korbel (Firsts) (Government Workers & Politicians)
Alcott, Louisa May
Allen, Florence Ellinwood (Government Workers & Politicians)
Andrus, Dr. Ethel (Firsts) (Educators)
Anthony, Susan B. (Woman Suffrage)
Arden, Elizabeth (Entrepreneurs)
d’Aquino, Iva Toguri (Tokyo Rose)(Military) (Notorious Women)
Axtell, Frances Cleveland (Government Workers & Politicians)
Bailey, Ann Hennis Trotter (Colonial Period)
Baker, Josephine (Military) (Civil Rights) (Arts)
Baker, Mary Lou (Government Workers & Politicians)
Balch, Emily Greene (Writer) (Activist)
Barker, Penelope (Colonial Period)
Ball, Lucille (Entertainers)
Barton, Clara (Activists) (Scientists, Doctors & Nurses)
Beard, Edna Louise (Government Workers & Politicians)
Beard, Mary Ritter (Historian)
Beecher, Catharine Esther (Educator)
Bellamy, Martha Godat (Government Workers & Politicians)
Belmont, Alva Smith Vanderbilt (Woman Suffrage)
Bethune, Mary McLeod (Educator) (Activist)
Blache, Alice Guy (Arts)
Blackwell, Alice Stone (Woman Suffrage) (Writer)
Blackwell, Elizabeth (Doctor) (Firsts) (Educator)
Blakely, Sara (Entrepreneurs)
Blatch, Harriot Stanton (Woman Suffrage)
Bloomer, Amelia Jenks (Woman Suffrage) (Journalist) (Activist)
Bly, Nellie (Media)
Boggs, Corrine “Lindy” (Government Workers & Politicians)
Boissevain, Inez Milholland (Woman Suffrage) (Lawyer) (Activist)
Booth, Evangeline (Religious Leaders)
Bonney, Mary Lucinda (Activist)
Bourke-White, Margaret (Explorers and Adventurers) (Firsts)
Boyd, Belle (Notorious Women)
Bratton, Martha (Colonial Period)
Braun, Carol Moseley (Government Workers & Politicians)
Breckinridge, Sophonisba (Activists) (Educators) (Firsts) (Woman Suffrage)
Brent, Margaret (Lawyers, Judges & Law Enforcement Officials) (Colonial Period)
Bridges, Ruby (Firsts) (Civil Rights)
Bridgman, Laura (Firsts) (Different Abilities)
Brown, Olympia (Woman Suffrage) (Religious Leaders) (Firsts)
Burgin, Elizabeth (Colonial Period)
Burns, Lucy (Woman Suffrage)
Burroughs, Nannie Helen (Woman Suffrage) (Educator)
Cannary, Martha Jane "Calamity Jane" (Explorers & Adventurers) (Notorious Women)
Cannon, Martha Hughes (Government Workers & Politicians)
Caraway, Hattie Wyatt (Government Workers & Politicians) (Firsts)
Carson, Rachel (Environmentalists)
Cary, Mary Ann Shadd (Woman Suffrage) (Educator) (Lawyer) (Journalist)
Casals, Rosemary (Athletes)
Catt, Carrie Lane Chapman (Woman Suffrage) (Activist)
Chacon, Soledad (Government Workers & Politicians)
Chen, Joyce (Entrepreneurs)
Child, Lydia Maria
Chisholm, Shirley (Government Workers & Politicians)
Clay, Laura (Woman Suffrage)
Clement, Lillian Exum (Government Workers & Politicians)
Clinton, Hillary (Government Workers & Politicians) (First Ladies)
Coachman, Alice (Athletes)
Coleman, Bessie (Firsts) (Explorers & Adventurers)
Corbin, Margaret Cochran (Colonial Period)
Crandall, Prudence (Educators)
Crowley, Mary (Entrepreneurs)
Cunard, Grace (Arts)
Cunningham, Ann Pamela (Educators) (Firsts)
Darragh, Lydia Barrington (Colonial Period)
Dell, Emily and Elizabeth (Entrepreneurs)
Dickinson, Anna (Abolition Movement)
Dix, Dorothea (Activists)
Dole, Elizabeth (Government Workers & Politicians)
Dorion, Marie (Explorers & Adventurers)
Duniway, Abigail Scott (Woman Suffrage) (Journalist)
Dyer, Mary (Religious Leaders)
Earhart, Amelia (Explorers and Adventurers)
Eastman, Crystal (Woman Suffrage) (Writer) (Lawyer)
Eddy, Mary Baker (Firsts)
Ellis, Mary Gordon (Government Workers & Politicians)
Eustis, Dorothy (Activists)
Evans, Alice (Scientists, Doctors & Nurses)
Fake, Caterina (Entrepreneurs)
Fauset, Crystal Bird (Government Workers & Politicians)
Fertel, Ruth (Entrepreneurs)
Fitzgerald, Susan Walker (Government Workers & Politicians)
Flanery, Mary Elliott (Government Workers & Politicians)
Flynn, Elizabeth Gurley (Activists)
Foster, Abby Kelley (Abolition Movement) (Woman Suffrage)
Friedan, Betty (Activists) (Writers)
Fry, Elizabeth
Fulani, Lenora (Government Workers & Politicians)
Fuller, Sarah Margaret (Activists) (Writers)
Gage, Matilda Joslyn (Abolition Movement) (Activist) (Woman Suffrage) (Writer)
Garrand, Brenda (Entrepreneurs)
Gavin, Sr. Ignatia (Religious Leaders) (Activists)
Gillett, Emma M. (Lawyers)
Gilman, Charlotte Perkins Stetson (Woman Suffrage) (Writer)
Girl Scouts
Goddard, Mary Katherine (Colonial Period)
Gordon, Kate M. (Woman Suffrage)
Graham, Bette Nesmith (Entrepreneurs)
Graham, Katharine (Journalists)
Grahn, Elna (Educators) (Military)
Green, Hetty (Firsts)
Grimke, Charlotte Forten (Abolition Movement)
Grimke, Sarah (Abolition Movement) (Woman Suffrage)
Hager, Betsy (Colonial Period)
Hale, Sarah J. (Writers)
Hall, Virginia (Government Workers & Politicians) (Military)
Hamer, Fannie Lou (Civil Rights)
Hamilton, Alice (Activists) (Educators) (Scientists, Doctors & Nurses)
Hamilton, Eva McCall (Government Workers & Politicians)
Hansberry, Lorraine (Firsts) (Writers)
Harper, Frances Ellen Watkins (Woman Suffrage) (Abolition) (Writer)
Harper, Martha Matilda (Businesswomen & Entrepreneurs) (Firsts)
Harriman, Mary
Hart, Nancy Morgan (Colonial Period)
Hathaway, Margaret S. (Government Workers & Politicians)
Havemeyer, Louisine Elder (Woman Suffrage) (Activist)
Hay, Mary Garrett (Woman Suffrage) (Activist)
Height, Dr. Dorothy (Civil Rights)
Hobby, Gladys (Scientists, Doctors & Nurses)
Hooker, Isabella Beecher (Woman Suffrage)
Hopper, Grace Murray (Scientists, Doctors & Nurses)
Howe, Julia Ward (Writers) (Woman Suffrage)
Huerta, Dolores (Activists) (Civil Rights)
Hurst, Sadie Dotson (Government Workers & Politicians)
Hurston, Zora Neale (Writers)
Hutchinson, Anne (Religious Leaders)
Ingalls, Emma S. (Government Workers & Politicians)
Jackson, Rachel Donelson Robards (First Ladies)
Jemison, Mae C. (Explorers & Adventurers) (Firsts)
Jenckes, Virginia Ellis Somes (Government Workers & Politicians)
Johnson, Lady Bird (First Ladies) (Environmentalists)
Johnson, Osa (Explorers & Adventurers)
Johnson, Sonia (Government Workers & Politicians)
Jones, Mary Harris "Mother"
Jones, Vivian Malone (Civil Rights)
Joyner-Kersee, Jackie (Athletes)
Kazel, Dorothy (Religious Leaders)
Kearney, Carrie Belle (Government Workers & Politicians)
Keichline, Anna Wagner (Architects & Engineers) (Inventors) (Military)
Keli’inoi, Rosalie (Government Workers & Politicians)
Keller, Helen
Kelley, Florence (Woman Suffrage) (Activist) (Writer)
King, Coretta Scott (Activists) (Civil Rights)
Kirkpatrick, Jeane (Government Workers & Politicians)
Knight, Margaret E. (Firsts) (Inventors)
Knight, Sarah Kemble (Writers)
Krim, Mathilde (Educators) (Scientists & Doctors & Nurses)
Kurtzig, Sandra (Entrepreneurs)
LaHaye, Beverly (Activists)
Lane, Louisa (Arts) (Entertainers)
Lamarr, Hedy (Arts) (Inventors)
Lampkin, Daisy Elizabeth Adams (Woman Suffrage) (Civil Rights)
Landes, Bertha Knight (Government Workers & Politicians)
Larcom, Lucy (Writers)
Laughlin, Gail (Government Workers & Politicians)
Lee, Dorothy McCullough (Government Workers & Politicians)
Leslie, Mirian Folline (Woman Suffrage) (Journalist)
Lathrop, Julia (Activist) (Government Workers & Politicians)
Lerner, Gerda (Historian)
Lili’uokalani (American Royalty)
Livermore, Mary Ashton Rice
Lockwood, Belva Ann Bennet McNall (Woman Suffrage) (Lawyer) (First) (Educator) (Activist)
Looney, Mirabeau Lamar Cole (Government Workers & Politicians)
Luce, Clare Boothe (Government Workers & Politicians)
Lucy, Autherine (Firsts) (Civil Rights)
Ludington, Sybil (Colonial Period)
Lyon, Mary (Educators)
Madison, Dolley (First Ladies) (Colonial Period)
Manderfield, Ellen (Businesswomen & Entrepreneurs) (Inventors)
Mankin, Helen Douglas (Government Workers & Politicians)
Martin, Anne Henrietta (Woman Suffrage) (Politician)
McClintock, Barbara (Scientists, Doctors & Nurses)
McCormack, Ellen (Government Workers & Politicians)
McCormick, Ruth Hanna (Government Workers & Politicians)
McCulloch, Catherine Gouger Waugh (Woman Suffrage) (Lawyer)
Miller, Patricia R. and Barbara Bradley Baekgaard (Entrepreneurs)
Mink, Patsy Takemoto (Firsts) (Government Workers & Politicians)
Mitchell, Maria (Scientists, Doctors, & Nurses) (This Isn't Right)
Monroe, Harriet (Writers)
Morgan, Julia (Architects & Engineers)
Morgan, Rose (Entrepreneurs)
Morris, Esther Hobart McQuigg Slack (Woman Suffrage) (First) (Judge)
Moseley, Hattie Austin (Entrepreneurs)
Mott, Lucretia Coffin (Woman Suffrage) (Abolition) (Religious Leader)
Munds, Frances Willard (Government Workers & Politicians)
Murray, Judith Sargent (Educators) (Writers)
Murray, Mary Lindley (Colonial Period)
Nappier, Denise (Government Workers & Politicians)
Nechita, Alexandra (Arts)
Nidetch, Jean (Entrepreneurs)
Nightingale, Florence (Scientists, Doctors, & Nurses)
Noble, Harriet “Hattie” F. (Government Workers & Politicians)
Nooyi, Indra ("Firsts") (Businesswomen &Entrepreneurs)
Norton, Mary Teresa Hopkins (Government Workers & Politicians)
Novello, Antonia C. (Government Workers & Politicians) (Firsts)
Obama, Michelle (First Ladies)
O’Kelly, Allison (Entrepreneurs)
O’Loughlin, Kathryn (Government Workers & Politicians)
O’Neill, Isabella Ahearn (Government Workers & Politicians)
O’Neill, Lottie Holman (Government Workers & Politicians)
Park, Maud Wood (Woman Suffrage) (Activist)
Parker, Cynthia Ann (Firsts)
Parks, Rosa (Activists)
Paul, Alice (Activists) (Woman Suffrage)
Peale, Anna Claypoole (Arts)
Peale, Sarah (Arts)
Peratrovich, Elizabeth Wanamaker (Activists) (Civil Rights)
Pickford, Mary (Firsts)
Pinckney, Eliza Lucas (Inventors)
Pinkham, Lydia Estes (Businesswomen & Entrepreneurs)
Pocahontas (American Royalty) (Colonial Period)
Pratt, Ruth Sears Baker (Government Workers & Politicians)
Pyle, Gladys (Government Workers & Politicians)
Rankin, Jeanette (Woman Suffrage) (Politician) (First)
Reed, Esther de Berdt (Colonial Period)
Rell, M. Jodi (Government Workers & Politicians)
Remond, Sarah (Abolition Movement)
Rhodes, Doris Lindsey Holland (Government Workers & Politicians)
Rice, Condoleezza (Government & Politicians)
Richards, Ellen Swallow (Educators) (Environmentalists) (Firsts)
Ride, Dr. Sally (Explorers & Adventurers) (Firsts)
Rogers, Edith Nourse (Government Workers & Politicians)
Roosevelt, Eleanor (First Ladies)
Rose, Ernestine Louise Siismondi Potowski (Woman Suffrage) (Activist) (Abolition)
Ross, Nellie Tayloe (Government Workers & Politicians)
Rudkin, Margaret (Entrepreneurs)
Rudolph, Wilma (Athletes)
Runyan, Marla (Athletes) (Different Abilities)
Sacajawea (Explorers and Adventurers)
Salmon, Lucy (Educators) (Firsts)
Sampson, Deborah (Colonial Period)
Sanger, Margaret
Schlafly, Phyllis (Government Workers and Politicians)
Schniederman, Rose (Woman Suffrage) (Education)
Schroeder, Pat (Government Workers & Politicians)
Scott, Nell Chadwick (Government Workers & Politicians)
Sears, Eleonora R. (Athletes)
Sears, Mary (Government Workers & Politicians) (Military)
Seton, Elizabeth (Religious Leaders)
Severance, Caroline Maria Seymour (Woman Suffrage) (Abolition) (Activist)
Shaw, Anna Howard (Woman Suffrage) (Religious Leaders) (Doctor) (Activist)
Smith, Carrie Crawford (Entrepreneurs)
Smith, Chaundra (Entrepreneurs)
Smith, Margaret Chase (Government Workers & Politicians)
Smith, Mellcene Thurman (Government Workers & Politicians)
Somerville, Nellie Nugent (Government Workers & Politicians)
Spalding, Catherine (Religious Leaders)
Stanton, Elizabeth Cady (Woman Suffrage)
Starr, Ellen Gates (Activists)
Steinem, Gloria (Activists) (Journalists)
Stone, Lucy (Woman Suffrage) (Abolition)
Stowe, Harriet Beecher (Writers)
Swainson, Anne (Inventors)
Tallchief, Maria (Arts)
Taylor, Lucy Hobbs (Firsts) (Scientists, Doctors & Nurses)
Tekakwitha, Kateri (Religious Leaders)
Temple, Shirley (Arts) (Government Workers & Politicians) (Entertainers)
Terrell, Mary Church (Civil Rights) (Woman Suffrage)
Tilton, Lynn (Entrepreneurs)
Touby, Laurel (Entrepreneurs)
Trigère, Pauline (Entrepreneurs)
Trout, Linda Copple (Government Workers & Politicians)
Truth, Sojourner (Abolition Movement)
Tubman, Harriet (Abolition Movement) (Military)
Tucker, Dr. C. Delores (Activists) (Civil Rights)
Turner, Sarah Lucille (Government Workers & Politicians)
Tuttle, Julia (Firsts)
Upton, Harriet Taylor (Woman Suffrage) (Journalist)
Vaca, Nina (Entrepreneurs)
Vautrin, Minnie (Activists)
Vernon, Lillian (Entrepreneurs)
Vernon, Mabel (Woman Suffrage) (Activist)
Von Furstenberg, Diane (Entrepreneurs)
Wald, Lillian D. (Activists) (Scientists, Doctors & Nurses)
Walker, Madam C.J. (Businesswomen & Entrepreneurs)
Walker, Maggie Mitchell (Businesswomen & Entrepreneurs)
Ward, Hortense Sparks (Woman Suffrage) (Lawyers, Judges & Law Enforcement Officials) (Firsts)
Ward, Nancy or Nanye-hi (Colonial Period)
Warner, Susan Bogart (Writers)
Warren, Mercy Otis (Writers)
Washington, Martha (First Ladies)
Weber, Lois (Arts)
Weld, Angelina Grimke (Abolition Movement) (Woman Suffrage)
Wells-Barnett, Ida B. (Journalist) (Civil Rights) (Woman Suffrage)
Westropp, Clara and Lillian (Entrepreneurs)
Wheatley, Phillis (Writers)
White, Ellen Gould Harmon (Religious Leader)
White, Sue Shelton (Woman Suffrage) (Lawyer)
Wilkins, Hattie Hooker (Government Workers & Politicians)
Wilkinson, Jemima (Religious Leader)
Willard, Frances Elizabeth Caroline (Woman Suffrage) (Activist)
Wilmans, Edith (Government Workers & Politicians)
Woodhull, Victoria (Firsts) (Businesswomen & Entrepreneurs)
Wright, Frances (Activists)
Wright, Mary Allen (Government Workers & Politicians)
Wu, Dr. Chien-Shiung (Scientists, Doctors & Nurses)
Younger, Maud (Woman Suffrage) (Activist)
Yu, Dr. Tsai-Fan (Scientists, Doctors & Nurses)
Zaharias, Mildred Ella “Babe” Didrikson (Athletes)
Zane, Betty (Colonial Period)