Allison O'Kelly (1972-)

Company: Mom Corps
Started: 2005
Size: $15 million in annual sales

Allison O’Kelly was a hard-working woman with a top management job in Atlanta, Georgia when the arrival of her child changed everything. Her need for a flexible schedule so she could juggle her career and family led her to switch jobs and start working on a freelance/contract basis as a certified public accountant (CPA). But once again, the assignments piled up and the flexibility she hoped for seemed elusive. Her solution: she started to subcontract assignments from clients to her CPA friends. In the process, she realized that many companies needed flexible and short-time workers and O’Kelly converted her contract business into a flexible-staffing company called Mom Corps. The company relies on a talent pool of individuals who want to work and maintain their careers but also need a nontraditional schedule. Starting with just five moms, O’Kelly’s business has expanded nationwide with 18 franchises, 40 employees and franchise owners, and a pool of 120,000 experienced professionals. O’Kelly pairs her creative business model with powerful cloud technologies that enable workers to complete assignments within deadlines but on their schedules.

“The long-term success and sustainability of a business rests largely on its human element. Bravo to the organizations looking for creative ways to attract new talent -- especially from the largely untapped and highly-skilled formerly professional pool.”


  • Picture: Allison O'Kelly of Mom Corps.
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