Women And The Revolutionary War Quiz

1. Who planned one of the first Fourth of July celebrations? 

A:  George Washington 
B:  Abigail Adams
C:  Martha Washington 
D:  Benjamin Franklin

2.  How much money, by today’s standards, did Esther de Berdt Reed and the Ladies of Philadelphia raise for the troops by walking door to door requesting money from their neighbors?

A:  $50,000 
B:  $300,000 
C:  $1,000,000 
D:  $4,000,000

3.  What was the name Deborah Sampson used to enlist in the militia?

A:  John Hart 
B:  Samuel Boyd 
C:  Robert Shurtliff 
D:  William Bradford

4.  Many women received pensions for their military services in the Revolutionary War.

                            TRUE or FALSE?

5.  Who was the first woman to write a history of the Revolutionary War?

A:  Mercy Otis Warren 
B:  Phyllis Wheatley 
C:  Lydia Darragh 
D:  Elizabeth Evans

6.  Only men performed public protests against British imported goods, such as in the Boston Tea Party.   

                             TRUE or FALSE?

7.  On July 15, 1779, how many women were captured with the British garrison at Stony Point Battle Field, New York?

A:  4
B:  16
C:  23
D:  52

8.  What effect did the revolution have on women?

A:  Women were expected to become more educated in order to “shape societies moral character” and better educate their sons. 
B:  The Revolutionary war accentuated the political and economic differences between men and women and emphasized the rights of man.  Women were denied access to vote, to higher education and to the professions.
C:  Women assumed more responsibilities during the war that were unlikely for women. 
D:  All of the above. 

9.  The Daughters of the Revolution found a document which lists 95 men and 19 women belonging Captain James Green’s company.  Many of the women appeared to be single and had no relation to any of the other soldiers. 

                                 TRUE or FALSE?

10.  What were the women who followed the soldiers and performed duties such as cooking, laundry, and nursing wounded soldiers called?

A:  Camp Caretakers
B:  Camp Followers
C:  Groupies
D:  Troop Ladies


Answers to the Quiz!

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Quiz produced by NWHM 2006 Summer Intern Albrey Diece