Tribute to Bertha Shamer


Bertha Shamer


Baltimore, MD


Albion, MI






Samuel Fletcher Tapman


Mary Pahymer


Maurice E. Shamer, M.D


Miriam S. Daly, Margaret S. Petersen Quigley, David Howard Shamer


Walter Tapman, Samuel Tapman, Jr., Howard Tapman


Eastern High School, Baltimore, MD Women's Medical College, Baltimore, MD graduated in 1906




Private Practice


Worked in the Pharmacy of Harriet Lane Clinic, Johns Hopkins Hospital 1906 to 1908 Baltimore City Juvenile Court - did physical examinations on orphans and juvenile delinquents who went through the court 1907 to 1912 Private practice of general medicine, mostly women and children. Offices on Greenmount Avenue and 3300 West North Avenue in Baltimore.


American Women's Medical Association - charter member of the Washington-Baltimore Branch.


Obstetrics and gynecology


Practiced medicine in Baltimore when women physicians were rare. Delivered babies at home and in Baltimore hospitals.