National Women’s History Museum
Director of Program – Scholarship, Research & Exhibits
Position Description


The National Women’s History Museum (NWHM) seeks a Director of Program (Research, Scholarship and Exhibits) with proven experience in developing and presenting programs and projects for women, families and youth, seniors, and others that interpret the Museum’s mission for and to the public, with special emphasis on the history of women of all ages. This individual will be an innovative, flexible and motivated team player with a strong knowledge of best practices for museum education. The Director of Program (the Director) will be a part-time staff position (evolving into full-time) reporting directly to the President & CEO.

NWHM, founded in 1996, is dedicated to preserving, interpreting, and celebrating the diverse historic contributions of women to the United States, and integrating this rich heritage fully into our nation's history. With a national membership of over 50,000 and a web presence with 21 online exhibitions, the Museum currently has legislation pending in Congress that will provide a permanent site for the building adjacent to the National Mall alongside our nation’s other iconic museums. The Museum is a non-partisan organization that transcends political debate. As it evolves from an online/virtual museum to a bricks-and-mortar fully integrated institution, we will build on our existing online presence by using innovative and engaging means including permanent exhibits, additional online exhibitions, educational programs, temporary exhibits and outreach efforts to communicate the breadth of American women's experiences and accomplishments to the widest possible audience. The sharing of this knowledge will illuminate and encourage women and men, people of all classes, races and cultures, to move into the future with respect, equal confidence, greater partnership, and opportunity.

Recently the NWHM received a significant grant from the Hearst Foundation to fund the establishment of a Scholarly Advisory Committee, which will draw from the experience of national scholars in women’s history. The Director of Program will work closely with this committee and with the staff and Board of Directors to craft and execute a dynamic and enriching program for the Museum.

Position Description & Responsibilities

The Director of Program will:

• Work closely with the current and future staff to develop a robust program aimed at men and women of all ages. As the incumbent in a senior leadership position, the Director will also be expected to contribute to the Museum’s strategic planning, communications and public relations, and fundraising efforts.

• Together with the President & CEO, NWHM Board Program Committee and the Scholarly Advisory Committee, envision, plan, develop, and coordinate all programs for diverse audiences including women and men of all ages and backgrounds, school children, teachers, community groups, the general public, and those with disabilities and special needs.

• Develop new and innovative programs and curriculum that meet or exceed national standards.

• Develop and oversee research on women’s history.

• Support the development and external affairs departments with content for grant proposals, marketing materials and provide input on sources for funding of programming.

• In cooperation with other Museum staff, develop content delivery systems (materials, web applications, exhibits, traditional media, classes etc.) to advance the mission of the Museum

• Work with Museum staff to track and evaluate program participation and outcomes, by participant

• Annually evaluate the program and make specific recommendations for improvement to the program

• Establish system to maintain a database of all program activity and participation

• Teach on-site or remote courses as needed throughout the year (full-time activity).

• Develop and maintain an annual budget for the Museum program. (full-time activity)

• Train and manage additional department staff as required

• Be an advocate for the Museum and its mission at all times

• Serve as liaison as necessary to the Board of Directors and the Scholarly Advisory Committee on all Museum matters.

• Other duties as required


Qualified applicants must have a doctoral degree in history, women’s history, or Women’s Studies and museum management experience. Qualifications also include at least 8-10 years experience working in a museum environment with a minimum of 5 years experience in museum education, program development or related experience.

Send applications/inquiries to Deadline to apply is December 1, 2012.