The history of African American women has provided a rich, vibrant voice to the chorus of American freedom, justice and independence. These women were imported for labor, reduced to property, suffered abuses, fought stereotypes, yet constantly redefined themselves. These women created mutual aid societies, clubs, sororities, schools, and libraries to provide tools of empowerment for the black community. These women also sought education, political office, professional careers, and leadership roles throughout American society. They sought to give voice to the voiceless, strength to the wary and hope to the hopeless. Early black club women believed their lives were the best defense in a world that offended them with physical abuse, vile media images and skewed academic discourse relegating Africa and all things African primitive and savage. Yet, these sable daughters of Africa created spaces, altars and identities that surpassed expectations and opportunities. The history of African American women continues to be written and will continue its selfless mission of seeking a place where justice and equality can be enjoyed by all Americans regardless of race, gender or class.


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