Women in Aerospace

Founded in 1985, Women in Aerospace (WIA) provides women in the aerospace industry with a forum for networking, though membership is open to both women and men.  In 1985, Arianespace held a party in Washington for a scheduled launch from Kourou.  One woman made a comment to her female colleagues that the assembled group looked like “an old boy’s club,” which was followed by the idea of creating an equivalent “old girl’s club.”  Shortly thereafter, a meeting was convened at Mary Waggoner's house to determine how to organize, and to define the goals of the group and Diana Hoyt was elected as WIA's first President.  There were a series of organizational meetings at various homes along the way as WIA was defined and lawyers assisted with the development of the by-laws. 

WIA continues to be dedicated to expanding women's opportunities for leadership and increasing their visibility in the aerospace community.

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