Federally Employed Women

In 1967 Executive Order (EO) 11375 was established to add "sex" to other forms of discrimination prohibited within the federal government and by federal contractors. After the issuance of EO 11375, a group of federal women met in Washington, D.C., at the 3-day "Seminar for Executive Women."  Mention of the Federal Women's Program led to a suggestion that they meet at a later date to explore the possibility of organizing a group to deal with questions raised at the seminar.

Although these women believed that a significant step had been taken in the issuance of EO 11375, they knew what would happen if the Civil Service Commission and agencies did not put vigorous effort into the implementation of the program. In 1968 the women formed a private organization to ensure E.O. 11375 was given the effort it deserved. The name chosen for the organization was Federally Employed Women.







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