Founded in 1975, Women in Government Relations, Inc. (WGR) is one of the most respected non-profit, non-partisan government relations associations in the Washington metropolitan area. WGRís over 750 members include women and men at all professional levels representing corporations, trade associations and professional societies, law firms, lobbying firms, non-profit groups and federal, state and local governments.

WGR is proud that a large and growing number of female U.S. Senators and Representatives recognize the importance of WGRís mission and participate in WGR as Emeritus members.

ďThis is an exciting time for women in politics. Our numbers are increasing at both the state and national levels. When I first came to Capitol Hill back in 1995, there were only six women Senators. Today there are 16. As our numbers grow, so does our ability to effect important change. There is strength in numbers, and I greatly appreciate the support of Women in Government Relations for encouraging me and other women to let our voices be heard.Ē ó Senator Mary L. Landrieu (D-LA), United States Senate

MISSION: WGR is committed to the advancement and empowerment of women at all career levels of government relations. By offering leadership opportunities, mentoring, partnerships, networking and educational programming, WGR cultivates our membersí personal and professional growth.

Through these activities, WGR supports our members throughout their careers. WGR members are respected professionals committed to excellence within their field and are current and future leaders within their organizations and communities. WGR is actively engaged in the following:

Programming: Substantive issue programming is the core of our organization. The information, instruction, and contacts gained through WGRís programs are what enable our members to stay knowledgeable, effective and competitive.

Leadership: WGR members are given numerous opportunities to gain valuable leadership skills by organizing programs that feature Members of Congress and their staff and/or Administration officials and key staff. WGR members also learn leadership skills by serving on committees, chairing task forces, and serving in elected offices within the organization.

Mentorship: WGR members and students can tap into the wisdom and knowledge of their fellow members to seek advice, guidance, and contacts when starting or advancing their career. New WGR members find that other WGR members at all levels in their careers are accessible and committed to helping advance other women in the field.

Professional Internships: One of WGRís goals is to increase student membership in the organization and ultimately create an interactive internship bank with WGR member companies and corporate sponsors to give young women an opportunity to explore their career options.

Partnership: WGRís vision is to recruit and retain high quality strategic partnerships that will add to the prestige of the WGR brand and enhance the WGR membership experience.







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