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Dora Miles and Dorothy Johnson
Women in Production




Welder-trainee Josie Lucille Owens on the liberty ship, SS George Washington Carver

Left, Welder-trainee Josie Lucille Owens plies her trade on the liberty ship, SS George Washington Carver, Kaiser Shipyards, Richmond, California.


Right, Chippers, Marinship Corporation, 1942



Chippers, Marinship Corporation, 1942

Vera Anderson, center below, a welder at the Ingalls Shipbuilding Corporation in Pascagoula, Mississippi, was named one of The American Magazine’s “Interesting People” in its May 1944 issue.

Elinore Herrick was personnel director of Todd Shipyards, with 140,000 employees in 10 port cities. The war enabled some women to break into managerial ranks. Below, to the right is an article about Ms. Elinore Herrick's job: “Shipyard Trouble Shooter” by Beverly Smith, The American Magazine, September 1944.

Chippers in a shipyard, 1942.
Chippers in a shipyard, 1942

"America's No. 1 Torch Girl" article

Shipyard Trouble Shooter, by Beverly Smith


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 Photo Credits (L to R): #1-3: National Archives, #4-5: The Women's Memorial

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