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Women at Home and in the Community




As the war progressed, the Office of Civil Defense and its local councils attempted to coordinate the large number of local civilian defense initiatives. Women made up a substantial number of civil defense volunteers.

In the image on the right, a woman spotter on Pine Mountain identifies an airplane for the Interceptor Command.

Coastal communities organized Civil Defense patrols to scan for enemy aircraft and vessels, to enforce blackouts, and to serve as air raid wardens in case of attack.


Pine Mountain Spotter

Women served in the Civil Air Patrol as both pilots and technical support staff. Below left, Civil Air Patrol workers and other servicewomen learn how to fold a parachute. Below center, members of the Civil Air Patrol send messages. Below right, Pilot pre-flights aircraft, Alexandria, Virginia, September 1942. Click on images.

Folding Parachute Members of the Civil Air Patrol

Pilot pre-flights aircraft


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 Photo Credits (L to R): #1: Library of Congress, #2-3: The Women's Memorial, #4: National Archives

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