The Red Cross was a lead civilian agency working closely with the military services. The 40,000 employees of the Red Cross directed the efforts of 7.5 million civilian volunteers, serving the Armed Forces both overseas and at home. 

More than 200,000 women participated in the Red Cross Volunteer Nurse’s Aide Corps, pledging a minimum of 150 hours annually to perform non-technical nursing services at civilian and military hospitals in the United States. Women in the Gray Lady Corps provided recreational services at military and veterans hospitals.

Poster, Red Cross Volunteer Nurse’s Aide, June 1943
Credit: Library of Congress

American National Red Cross Volunteer Services Certificate
for completion of Nurse’s Aide Corps course issued to
Elizabeth Owen, November 1942

Credit: Women’s Memorial Foundation

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Life magazine, 8 June 1942
Credit: Women’s Memorial Foundation

American Red Cross Volunteer Nurse’s Aides manual provides information such as hospital ethics, assignments, hours of service, deportment on duty, uniforms and authorized duties, August 1942

Credit: Women’s Memorial Foundation