Rights for Women: The Suffrage Movement and Its Leaders
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Online exhibit: Motherhood, Social Service and Political Reform: Political Culture and Imagery of American Woman Suffrage

Self Guided Tour: In Their Footsteps: Woman Suffrage Movement

Education Resources: Suffrage Timeline

Education Resources: Suffrage Quiz

Other Organizations and Web sites

Carrie Chapman Catt Collection, Bryn Mawr College Library

Library of Congress Suffrage Resources

PBS: Not For Ourselves Alone: The Story of Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony

Sewall-Belmont House and Museum (National Women’s Party)

Susan B. Anthony House

Women’s Rights National Historic Park (Site of Seneca Falls Convention and Elizabeth Cady Stanton House)

Suggested Books

Cooney Jr., Robert PJ. Winning the Vote: The Triumph of the American Woman Suffrage Movement. American Graphic, 2005.

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Gordon, Ann D. and Bettye Collier-Thomas, eds. African American Women and the Vote. The University of Massachusetts Press, 1997.

Marilley, Suzanne M. Woman Suffrage and the Origins of Liberal Feminism in the United States 1820-1920. Harvard University Press, 1996.

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Wheeler, Marjorie Spruill, ed. One Woman, One Vote: Rediscovering the Woman Suffrage Movement. Newsage Press, 1995.


This online exhibit draws on a National Women's History Museum exhibit entitled, "Rights for Women," curated by Edith P. Mayo, Curatorial Consultant, NWHM, Curator Emeritus, National Museum of American History, Smithsonian Institution. The online exhibit was curated by Kristina Gupta, Summer 2006 Intern, NWHM.



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