“Mothers of America” – A three-cent stamp issued in 1934

This stamp bore the famous image painted by James Whistler, Portrait of My Mother.  Purple in hue, with an overflowing vase of flowers in the bottom left corner, it read “In Memory and Honor of the Mothers of America.”

In 1933, Mrs. H. H. McCluer, a past national president of the American War Mothers, conceived the idea of issuing a special stamp in conjunction with Mother's Day mail. She met with President Franklin D. Roosevelt on January 25, 1934, and he granted her request three weeks later.

The stamp also acknowledged the beginning of “rural free delivery:” prior to the presidency of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, rural residents had to go to the local post office to pick up their mail. This seriously cut into time for farm work, as well as gas for cars that most farm families had by then, and the inauguration of free delivery was tremendously important to them.






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