Women's History Links

19th Century Photos of African Americans
The Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture of the New York City Public Library has digitized a large number of their photographs of African Americans during the 19th century. The images are divided into 16 categories, such as: social life & customs, slavery, education, family, labor, religion, politics, and individual portraits of children, men, and women.

African-American Women in History
Learn about African-American women's history. Access primary resources, biographies and images of these significant women, courtesy of Duke University's On-line Archival Collection.

America from the Great Depression to World War II
View rare color photographs taken by the Farm Security Administration-Office of War between 1939-1945 of ordinary people across America. Images include a focus on capturing women's essential contributions to the war effort during World War II. Images are courtesy of the Library of Congress.

Declaration of Sentiments
Read the text of the first major American women's rights manifesto, written in 1848.

First Ladies
Read biographical profiles of the First Ladies of the United States.

History Channel - Resources on Women's History
The History Channel features topics such as the history of woman suffrage, a women's hall of fame, firsts in women's achievements, "did you know?" facts, provides resources to other women's history topics, and links to their store of women's history focused items.

Library of Congress and Women's History
Learn about what women's history resources are at the Library of Congress and how you can access them, some through the internet and all by visiting the Library.

Jewish Women's Archive
The Jewish Women's Archive (JWA) seeks to make known the contributions of outstanding Jewish women of achievement as well as the profound, but often unacknowledged impact Jewish women have had within their local communities. Read biographies of Jewish American women in the "This Week in History" online feature, browse through their digital archives and oral history project, or find lesson plans on their Web site.

National Women's Hall of Fame
Read biographies about important women in American history.

National Women's History Project
The organization that started women's history month, their Web site provides an array of resources on women's history, including women's history performances, authors and presenters, and ideas on how to celebrate women's history month.

Slave Life Images
View an on-line image database of the Atlantic Slave Trade and American Slave Life, courtesy of the The University of Virginia.

Timeline of woman's suffrage granted by country
Learn when woman achieved the right to vote throughout the world.

U.S. Census Bureau
Learn about women in the United States, such as percentages relating to their level of education, employment, income, military service, voting record, marriage status, motherhood status, participation in sports, and computer savvy.

Women in Aviation and Space History
The National Air and Space Museum features information on women in the field of aviation and space travel. Read biographies on numerous women in this field.

Women in the Civil War
Learn about women involved in the Civil War. Access primary resources, biographies and images of these brave women courtesy of Duke University's On-line Archival Collection.

Women's History Crossword Puzzle
The New York Times offers a downloadable women's history crossword puzzle.

Women's History Lesson Plans
Education World provides 7 lesson plans for various grade levels about women's history.

Women's History Month - for Kids
Time for Kids provides information on Women's History Month, Women's History Milestones, and on-line, interactive women's history activities aimed at kids.

Women of Our Time: Twentieth-Century Photographs from the National Portrait Gallery
Navigate through an interactive gallery and explore photographs of many twentieth-century America's famous and influential women. The images include brief biographical information.

Women in Mathematics
Read biographies of women in mathematics and other information about women's accomplishments and contributions to the field of mathematics, courtesy of the Agnes Scott College.

Women in Science
Learn about women's important contributions to the field of science through reading their biographies, courtesy of the University of Alabama's Department of Physics & Astronomy.

Women in Sports
Read biographies of 100 women who excelled in various sports.

Women Who Changed History
Scholastic Teacher's Web site provides a range of information on women's history, from a women's history quiz, to biographies of significant women, to features on specific women, such as Sally Ride, Rosa Parks, Dr. Mae Jemison, and Melba Pattillo.

Women in World War II
Access resources about Women in World War II, featuring links to archival collections, digital collections, microform collections, oral histories, books, and interviews with historians and women from the era. The bibliography is courtesy of the Middle Tennessee State University.

Women's Rights Records and Artifacts
The National Woman's Party (NWP) holds a unique collection of records and artifacts that document the mass political movement for women's full citizenship in the 20th century, both in the United States and throughout the world.